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Septic Tank Pumping and Drain field Repair

Drain Field Repair


When your septic system fails for any reason, the drain or leach field that surrounds the tank can become contaminated with wastewater. If this occurs, you need to call the professional leach and drain field repair contractors at Simply Septic right away. We perform affordable drain field remediation in Atlanta and the surrounding cities and communities.


When it comes to leach field rehabilitation, we have the experience and equipment necessary to perform a proper job every time. Invite us to your waterlogged drain field and let us perform an inspection to determine the easiest and most cost-effective method of handling the drain field repair.


At our company, we work with clients living and working all over the Atlanta area, including the surrounding cities.

septic tank pumping

Performing Comprehensive Drain Field Rehabilitation


In the case of septic tank rupture or some other septic system failure, you need a professional to reverse the process that contaminated the drain field. Rehabilitation can remove the wastewater and solid waste that has flooded your leach field to the point of oversaturation and make everything go back to normal. From using diversion valves to pump out the excess liquid and solid waste to installing new soil to even out the levels in your leach field, we have the right solution to your problem.


Call Us When You Need Leach Field Rehabilitation


System failure is defined by the US Environmental Protection Agency as "a condition where performance requirements are not met." Two typical symptoms of system failures are wastewater on the ground's surface or backed up into the plumbing or drains of your home. This wastewater can pollute water resources nearby and pose a serious health risk to you and your family.


Invite our experienced crew to your home and let us perform the necessary steps involved with leach field rehabilitation. With our drain and leach field repair services, you will be clear of all wastewater in no time!

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